Renaming Our Killers

Killer: Swine Flu
Aggrieved party/parties: Hog farmers and producers
Proposed new name(s): H1N1 flu, Mexican flu, “La Cucaracha”

Killer: Black Death
Aggrieved party/parties: African Americans, goth chicks, Jack Black
Proposed new name(s): The Very Bad Plague

Killer: Cancer
Aggrieved party/parties: The 600 million humans born under the astrological sign Cancer.
Proposed new name(s): Steve*

Killer: Heart disease
Aggrieved party/parties: Ann and Nancy Wilson
Proposed new name(s): Air Supply disease

Killer: Pol Pot
Aggrieved party/parties: The Crockery Manufacturers Association of America
Proposed new name(s): Pol Tupperware™

* Proposed new name opposed by the 600 million humans born under the name Steve.

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