Reverse elitism

Tony Clement sort of kind of apologizes to the country’s “elites.” Or, rather, Tony Clement sort of kind of apologizes to non-elites for suggesting only “elites” cared about the prorogration of Parliament. Or something.

It is perhaps long since due that we sorted out an exact definition for that the sub-category of humanity known as the “elites.” We might start now with one simple question: Is Tony Clement not a member of this country’s elite?

A rough sketch of his credentials.

The stepson of the former Attorney General in Ontario, Mr. Clement was educated at the University of Toronto, where he obtained degrees in political science and law. After entering provincial politics, he held a number of ministerial portfolios before running, unsuccessfully, for the party’s leadership. Since entering federal politics he has held a pair of ministerial titles and is presently the Minister of Industry. He is currently entitled to a salary of $233,247. Prior to arriving in Ottawa, he worked for a national law firm and was a visiting fellow at the University of Toronto’s faculty of law.

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