'She should have brought a book'

Tabatha Southey considers Lisa Raitt’s rambles.

I do hope that the idea she expresses there, that money mends problems, lingers with the Conservatives – because frequently it does. So let’s hope that concept stays, even as Ms. Raitt goes. And she must go.

Here’s why: Ms. Raitt reluctantly apologized for her “wording” on this particular issue (arguably re-exploiting cancer again as she did so,) but her conversation on the tape is amateurish, unsophisticated and boastful. And that is so un-sexy. By declining her resignation, Stephen Harper essentially said, “This is the best I’ve got.”

Most of what Ms. Raitt said didn’t need to be said, not to her aide, and not in the presence of a driver. She was babbling. It was a long drive and she should have brought a book. It’s that simple.

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