Some CRTC Hearings Links

I was a bit out of the loop on the most recent round of CRTC hearings (“out of the loop” means “away and not able to watch the hearings;” I’m never in the loop in the sense of having inside information), but here are some links to thoughts by people who know stuff. Also, on the fee-for-service issue and other knotty problems, the CRTC wants to hear the opinion of Time Magazine’s person of the year for 2006.

Commenters who know stuff

Brandon Laraby, guest-blogging at Dead Things On Sticks, had a lot of posts on the subject (scroll down). Laraby also commented at his own blog, A Boy and His TV Show.

Michael Geist, internet law columnist at the Star

Jim Henshaw at The Legion of Decency

– There’s coverage of the CRTC hearings at Broadcaster magazine (go to this page for the first day coverage).

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