Special “Most Unprecendented Week Ever” Caption Challenge (Sorry, Aimee)


For this Caption Challenge, I invite you to imagine a conversation between these two luckless gentlemen, who on an unprecedented evening of tremendous unprecedentedness find themselves confronted with an unprecendented quantity of out-of-focusness – and also what might be, if they squint hard enough, a politician of some kind in there somewhere.

The winner, as decided by a jury of me and the other members of the new Throwing Up Our Hands in Exasperation wing of the Liberal party, will receive a lovely gift. I was thinking of bestowing the exact model of video camera used to tape Stephane Dion’s address, but I do not wish to be perceived as a cheapo. Perhaps a tin of mints instead?

Programming note: The Monday Mailbag will not be seen as scheduled next week. It will return the following week.

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