Stephen Harper isn’t done caving in yet

First, Mr. Harper announced confidence votes will be delayed for a week. On Saturday, the government backed off the politically incendiary idea of eliminating public subsidies for political parties. Then, it cancelled a proposed removal of the right to strike from public-sector unions… Then, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty… announced a Jan. 27 budget, the day after the House returns from its Christmas break. – from Jeffrey Simpson’s column in the Globe

Other things Stephen Harper is willing to do to avoid losing power:.

  • Announce emergency plan to personally shovel everybody’s driveway this winter.
  • Those clothes in your dryer – do those need folding?
  • Admit he was never really writing that goddamn hockey book.
  • Launch splashy ad campaign highlighted by slogan: “Stéphane Dion: Not Only a Leader, But Also Very Handsome.”
  • Install donkey wheel under 24 Sussex – when house disappears like island in Lost, then who’ll have the upper hand you sniveling weasels? HA HA HA!!!!
  • Anything. Anything!

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