Surprise Caption Challenge... (Surprise!)

While enthusiasts of American football and reverential references to Bill Cowher’s moustache will want to click over to the Couch Boys blog to celebrate this day of Thanksgiving-based pigskinery, others may be more inclined to participate in a new caption challenge…

Peru APEC Summit

The time: Last weekish. The place: Lima, Peru. The event: The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit and costume party. The players: The prime ministers of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the president of Chile and that sweater vest guy from all the commercials.

Write a caption in the comments field below. Be funny. Impress friends, sway enemies, earn the everlasting fealty of domestic pets.

The victor, as declared by a jury of me and the voice in my head that keeps telling me to buy Chinese Democracy even though everyone says it sucks eggs, shall be duly rewarded with a gift certificate from Amazon.ca.

You may ask yourself: Is Amazon.ca now sponsoring the caption challenge? No, it is not. But we are looking for a sponsor, hint hint, and – here I need you to picture a foxy Price is Right model holding a laptop with the browser set to Amazon.ca – what better company to sponsor the caption challenge than Amazon.ca: The San Francisco Treat. (They may have a slogan of their own, in which case we’d use that.)

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