Take your shirt off

Margaret Wente makes a simple plea.

So which nation’s leaders are missing from this pin-up calendar of political hunks? You guessed it! Canada’s last athletic prime minister was Pierre Trudeau, who canoed, climbed mountains, dived the oceans and sired a child in his dotage. By contrast, neither Stephen Harper nor Michael Ignatieff would dare be caught in public without their shirts on. They prefer to stay indoors and think. Mr. Ignatieff may be attractive, in a certain New York Review of Books kind of way. But you get the feeling that neither of them goes outside unless he has to…

To be honest, I wouldn’t really want a ruthless KGB man as prime minister of Canada, or a sex-crazed old goat or a narcissist with a Napoleon complex. All I’m saying is, we could sometimes use a break from endless stories about federal-provincial relations and employment insurance. A little sex appeal in Ottawa might perk us up. And what could be so wrong with that?

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