The Ignatieff presser: At last – clarity!

“The government’s answers in this report just aren’t good enough,” Michael Ignatieff was saying just now. “The government’s performance in Parliament just isn’t good enough.”

At last – clarity! The Harper government isn’t doing good enough and therefore we will have an election.

“I am not seeking an election… Canadians don’t want an election. I don’t want an election.”

At last – clarity! The Liberal party will not force an election.

“It’s the choice of the Prime Minister, in my view.”

At last – clarity! The Liberal party will… um, what?

Perhaps true clarity can only be achieved through paraphrase: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any longer than absolutely necessary, given the constraints of popular will, political reality and the legislative timetable. But still, remember, mad as hell!

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