'The Iranian government cannot hide the truth'

The Liberal press office just now released a statement from Michael Ignatieff on the situation in Iran.

“We mourn each life lost as a result of the Government of Iran’s unjust actions, and share the anguish and outrage of Canadians of Iranian origin at the suppression of peaceful protest and the apparent denial of fully free and fair elections. Canada should join other countries in keeping our embassy open for the humanitarian needs of the people of Iran.

“The Iranian government cannot hide the truth from their own citizens or from the rest of the world.  By answering the call for open and transparent elections with a violent disregard for the rights of its citizens, the Iranian government has further alienated itself from the international community. The Liberal Party of Canada strongly affirms the rights of Iranians and people everywhere to freely express themselves and associate with others, without threat to their life or liberty.  We call on the Iranian government to cease the violence and continue to call for open and transparent elections.”

The Prime Minister commented during QP on Wednesday in response to a question from Bob Rae. Later that afternoon the House passed a unanimous motion expressing “solidarity with, and support for, the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.”

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