the republicans make a good point that the republicans are terrible at governing

You have to hand it to the Republicans. They don’t even bother to deny their failings. In fact, they play them up. They treat them as virtues!

Washington is broken. We broke it. But only WE can fix it! (Seriously, we hid some of the pieces and you’ll never get it back together without us.)

Tonight in the convention’s 8 o’clock hour (ET), an Oklahoma congresswoman stood on the stage, talked about 9/11 and screamed at delegates: “Who do you trust to defend your children against the haters and the killers whose only creed is evil!??” Then the Republicans played a video that featured images of the Sept. 11th attacks, including the Twin Towers being struck, exploding and crumbling.

And the clear message of the video was that the party who controlled the White House on that day and who ignored explicit warnings about imminent terrorist attacks really should pay the political price and never again be allowed to hold the levers of power and—oh, wait.

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