Toward a unified theory of American Idol and Canadian politics

Doug Bell attempts to make the connection.

If that’s the idea, the ads do the trick. Ignatieff ‘s suggestion that the ads are anti-immigrant because they question Ig’s loyalty to a country he’s spent half his life avoiding misses the point. It’s not that he wasn’t in the country for 34 years, it’s what he was doing. Egghead, pointyhead, poindexter – call him what you will, Ig’s an exotic, a rare bird. And while that shouldn’t be any kind of disqualification it often is (see Stevenson, Adlai). It’s all particularly hilarious since if “ordinary” Canadians actually got to know Steve-O, they’d realize that in his own way he’s more of a nerdling geek that Ig. But guess what – Canadians aren’t going to get to know the real Stephen Harper because he’s got that Timmy-Ho, hockey-dad bit down pat. I pray I’m wrong about all this, but then again I actually did prefer Kris Allen to Adam Lambert so it looks like another season in Dipper hell for me.

See also, Frank Rich on American Idol and the slow march towards gay marriage.

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