Weekend Viewing: Star Trek Parody Weekend!

This is the weekend of you-know-what, so it’s time to watch some TV parodies of this indestructible franchise. (The above cartoon is from 1972, when, according to Leonard Nimoy, the popularity of Star Trek reruns turned into a full-blown phenomenon, making it one of the few shows to be better-known in reruns than it was in prime-time.)

Starting with a short clip, on The Wonder Years, Fred Savage imagines that he’s in the terrible episode “Spock’s Brain.” Scrubs really does owe a lot to this show.

The complete Duckman episode “Where No Duckman Has Gone Before,” complete with the “Mr. Tambourine Man” joke that was cut on the DVD version. Without giving anything away, there’s a moment in this episode that seems oddly similar to a plot device that the new movie uses to distinguish itself from the original Trek.


And for CanCon, an excerpt from Wayne and Shuster’s over-long (everything they did from the ’70s on was over-long) “Star Schtick.” This clip contains the only parts of this sketch that I remember from seeing it as a kid: a) the name “Mr. Spoof,” b) The national anthem of Earth with “Oh, you beautiful ball” sung to the tune of “Oh, you beautiful Doll,” c) An alien saying “My name is Dolly” in a deep voice. I remember strange things


Finally, the most famous of all Star Trek comedy sketches:


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