What we have here is a failure to communicate

Before departing the scene, Gordon Landon helpfully clarifies what you thought he was saying when you thought you heard him say there was something partisan about the way federal funding was distributed.

“The facts on this matter are however, quite clear,” Mr. Landon added. “The Town of Markham applied for financial stimulus funds for 14 projects, and each of those 14 projects were approved for joint federal and provincial stimulus support. The remarks I made last week were critical of the inadequate representation, and lack of personal action, received by Markham-Unionville from the Liberal MP in this riding, and not of the federal government.”

So that’s the official press release. In a separate interview, he appears to contradict a previous account of his own account and says he was not asked to step aside, but repeats his assertion that PMO control was the primary motivating force for his exit.