Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy sings the Rob Ford campaign song

An appearance on Conan O’Brien

Fictional anchorman Ron Burgundy, the Will Ferrell character from the film Anchorman, made a guest appearance on Conan Wednesday to serenade Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Ferrell, in character as the ’70s news anchor Ron Burgundy, said he had been asked to sing the special campaign song for the embattled Toronto mayor.

“My dear, dear, dear friend Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto is running for re-election and I hold him in high regard. He is the best,” said Ferrell-as-Burgundy.

Conan O’Brien questioned Burgundy on his support, saying Rob Ford is quite a controversial figure.

“He’s controversal because he’s so damn honest,” replied Burgundy.

The themes song for the Rob Ford 2014 re-election campaign, at least according to Ron Burgundy, is a version of Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend.”

And yes, the jazz flute does make an appearance.

Conan isn’t the only late-night show putting Ford’s exploits to music. On Jimmy Kimmel Live Chris Daughtry had his own song for the mayor: “The Ballad of Rob Ford.”

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