You’re Welcome

Following on Patricia Treble’s piece, here are 10 even better and more surefire ways to revive Grey’s Anatomy:

  • Two words: Cha.Chi.
  • Effective immediately, every single cast member gets a nickname that starts with “Mc” – McFoxy, McStacked, McPudgy, McAnorexic, McJerkwad, McMcDonald…
  • Shockingly reveal that entire series has taken place in the mind of a child – a dumb, horny child.
  • All scripts performed as written, but now with lightsabers and wookiees.
  • Whenever a scene lags a little, have a character blurt out: “I can’t wait to see the Sex and the City movie! Can you wait to see the Sex and the City movie?”
  • Goodbye Seattle Grace Hospital – hello Pacific Princess!
  • Don’t change a thing except everyone is now a psychic detective.
  • All weepy, emotional montages henceforth set to Mambo No. 5.
  • Puppies! In every hallway and closet – just tons of puppies.
  • I don’t know: maybe stop making the show so McCrappy?

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