Colby Cosh

Maclean's man in Edmonton writes about everything.

How Rachel Notley became Canada’s most surprising political star

The new premier of Alberta loves a good argument. Her powers of persuasion helped turn her province’s political scene upside down


The death of the Alberta PC dynasty

It didn’t happen overnight. Inside the unravelling of the longest-serving provincial regime in the history of Confederation


Why the Orange Revolution is not about Rachel Notley

Mythologizing the Alberta NDP leader is inevitable, but this election was all about sending a message to the Conservatives


The hard math of Alberta’s election

Colby Cosh on what we know—or think we know—about the province’s political horse race


The worst team in hockey wins yet again

Colby Cosh on why the Oilers’ off-ice luck hasn’t brought much on-ice success


True crimes, faulty statistics and Aboriginal women

Colby Cosh on deciphering data on missing and murdered Aboriginal women


Jim Prentice calls an election in Alberta. Now what?

Colby Cosh on the forces at play in Alberta


The case for blowing Alberta’s oil riches

For what future, exactly, should we save oil revenue?


The last of Danielle Smith

She lacked a natural gift for politics, but the former Wildrose Party leader’s impact on this era of Alberta politics is significant


Jim Prentice killed the flat tax

How that changes life in a province where there’s always something else you can go do


Parsing the Alison Redford interview

Who’s the audience for Redford’s astonishing interview? Not the people of Alberta, writes Colby Cosh


Top Gear’s big, boorish, golden goose

A spat between TV hosts that came to blows should be resolved with cash and an apology, or the BBC’s Top Gear could disappear