David Agren

David Agren moved to Mexico in 2005 after graduating from Mount Royal University in Calgary. He has covered the country for Maclean's, USA Today, The Guardian, The Washington Post and Catholic News Service.
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Migrant caravans pray for a miracle in the Oval Office

One migrant’s hopeful prayer: ‘God is going to open the heart of Donald Trump so that he lets us in’

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In Mexico, the USMCA means life goes on

With a new president, Mexico badly needed a trade deal with America, and it’s good that Canada is around—but the ‘new NAFTA’ elicits a collective shrug, and seems to change little

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The end of what’s left of the Canadian Alliance

The Canadian Alliance had lived on by name and logo thanks to Mexico’s Nueva Alianza. This week, that party too will cease to exist.

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What Mexico’s new president means for ‘Three Amigos’ relations

Top Canadian ministers headed to Mexico to allay fears of being left behind in NAFTA talks—offering a glimpse into what AMLO’s incoming government might mean for the bloc

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What one wedding photo tells us about Mexico’s political paradigm shift

Opinion: By electing AMLO, Mexican voters rejected entrenched elites—and the response to a tone-deaf magazine spread shows both the ire and the work still to be done


Why Vicente Fox is so good at trolling Trump

The former Mexican president has been getting under the U.S. president’s skin. And Canada has reportedly had to step in.


Mexicans worry: Will they become the third-wheel Amigo?

A cozy summit between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau has left Mexicans suspicious about whether Canada will leave them behind


Mexico City watches the U.S. election

David Agren was live in a bar in Mexico City, where a election-watching party grew dour

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Trump is no longer Mexico’s most hated man. It’s Peña Nieto.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was already historically unpopular in his country. One Trump trip later, he’s being openly reviled.

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Enrique Peña Nieto arrives with baggage to Three Amigos summit

Although the Mexican president once drew comparisons to Trudeau, his fresh-faced appeal has worn off as scandals swirl

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Mexicans get ready to take on Donald Trump

Fearful of Trump and his ongoing attacks, Mexico’s political class struggles with how to fight back


What Donald Trump doesn’t understand about the Pope

Pope Francis delivered tough talk at his recent visit to Mexico—a ‘principled declaration’ seen as a necessary tonic in these times of Trump