Joe Castaldo

Joe Castaldo is a business reporter for Maclean's

The real estate war on the west coast that’s tearing Vancouver neighbourhoods apart

Garish wealth. Scarce rental housing. A government that sees the middle class as stinking rich. No wonder Vancouverites are at each other’s throats.


Claim of fake Norval Morrisseau painting hits a wall in court

Judge ‘doesn’t doubt’ accounts of a forgery ring in Thunder Bay, Ont., but rules disputed painting attributed to the famed Anishinaabe artist is authentic


Lil Tay talks like she’s the family breadwinner, and that’s disturbing

Vancouver’s foul-mouthed nine-year-old rapper is moving with her mother to L.A., saying, ‘You need money to, like, support your family. Everyone wants to live a good life’


Vancouver real estate: Why multi-million dollar home owners are crying poor

A B.C. surtax on properties worth more than $3 million has owners hopping mad, and tinkering with it won’t appease them

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The people who bought at the peak of Toronto’s real estate bubble, and then lost hundreds of thousands within months

When Toronto-area home prices began their slide, the market served up painful lessons for buyers and sellers alike—and revealed shady behaviour that helped inflate prices in the first place


Toronto van attack coverage has been plagued by fake news, screw-ups and lies

From misspellings of the suspect’s name to claims the driver was an Islamic terrorist, fiction has shared equal footing with fact online


How allegations of a forgery ring are threatening Norval Morrisseau’s legacy

A trial revealed an alleged wellspring of hundreds of fake paintings purported to be the work of the famed Anishinaabe artist


How speculators inflated the Toronto housing bubble

At the height of the mania, investors accounted for one in five home sales in parts of the GTA, says a new report

Economic analysis

Ontario budget 2018: In an election year, Wynne bets on deficits

Governments often cut spending and balance the books in time for an election. The Liberals turn that strategy on its head.

Economic analysis

Stephen Poloz’s job is about to get harder

How an interest rate gap could bite consumers, housing and the loonie

Economic analysis

How Doug Ford’s tax plan could bring back a housing bubble

As B.C. pushes harder to cool real estate prices, Doug Ford says the market should regulate itself


Why Kathleen Wynne is still so unpopular

Doug Ford’s big win might change the subject in Ontario politics. But will it change many voters’ dim view of their premier?