Katie Engelhart

Katie Engelhart is a London-based writer and reporter. She covers European goings-on for Maclean's.
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The meaning of a meeting of Europe’s leading nationalist minds

In Koblenz, Germany, the leaders of Europe’s nationalist movement unite for an awkward political spectacle

The right to be forgotten online: Will it ruin the Internet?

A new rule is forcing Google to ‘forget’ personal information. Will it make for a kinder Web, or will it kill free speech?

’Romanian Nuremberg’: Exacting payback for Communist crimes

The trial of a former leader of the Communist state’s prison system is forcing Bucharest to face its dark past
Eduard Limonov

The tale of the polymath poet with the incredible life

Book review: Emmanuel Carrère’s ’Limonov: The outrageous adventures of the radical Soviet poet’
APTOPIX Britain Scottish Referendum

Scottish referendum: Panicky in the U.K.

Just days before the referendum, Scotland’s pro-independence Yes side has taken the lead. Can No come back?
Katie Engelhart

Video: Scotland’s freedom fighters

On the street with Glasgow’s ’Yes’ campaign
NATO Holds “Spring Storm” Military Exercises

NATO’s risky plan to stop Putin

The military alliance is preparing to bulk up its presence in Eastern Europe. Will it thwart Russia, or merely prod the bear?
Alex Salmond Speaks At Scottish Independence March And Rally

Disunited Kingdom: Scotland’s separatists cling to hope

After centuries of uneasy union, Scotland is poised to vote on independence. The end of Great Britain may be closer than we think.
My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare

Photo book shows the lighter side of WWII

’My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare’ collects photos of naked WWII soldiers
‘Braveheart’ 20th Anniversary film screening, Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain – 24 Jun 2014

Scotland’s referendum is a bold, Braveheart campaign

Both loved and loathed, the 1995 film classic looms large in the battle over Scottish independence