Luc Rinaldi

Luc Rinaldi is an assistant editor at Maclean’s, where he assists no one, edits nothing and reports on everything. He’s also written for The Walrus, Toronto Life and Maisonneuve. He wishes this bio included Oxford commas.
Lunar outpost near the moon’s south pole
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The Moon landing was a giant leap. The next leap is staying there.

From 2015: We know we can get there. Next step: live there. And after that? The cosmic equivalent of Everest base camp. How we plan on colonizing the Moon
Ed Melcarek. (Sandy Nicholson)

A Kickstarter approach to science

By opening up R&D to top freelancing minds, companies like InnoCentive are crowdsourcing unique solutions to puzzles
(L) Christine Fellows (R) Shary Boyle.  Shary Boyle

Two friends’ A.V.-club ode to loners and lost souls

Using projections and finger-plucked folk songs, Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows’s project is a tribute to childhood and friendship

Petal pushers: The flower sellers of India

Ken Hermann captured Kolkata’s flower sellers in the few moments they—and the harsh, beating sun—gave him

Even before Caitlyn Jenner, there was Quebec teen Olie Pullen

Maclean’s catches up with Olie Pullen, who shared her story of gender variance in January 2014, and discussed Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover
Steven Tanaka crowdsurfs at Lee’s Palace. (Bryan Wong-Lim)

The Toronto anaesthesiologist who’s big in Japan

How a soft-spoken Canadian became the champion of a little-known genre—and the rock star he always wanted to be

Traffic signs with a heart ask you to stop—in the name of love

Road signs with an emotional appeal are gaining traction locally. And they’re going international.
Maclean’s 110: Expo 67

Maclean’s 110: Help us find the faces of Canada’s past

This year, Maclean’s turns 110 years old. To celebrate, we’re telling Canada’s story through the lives of 110 Canadians. And we need your help.

Firearms of the revolution: The Molotov cocktails of Kyiv

Photographer Donald Weber lived in Kyiv—and used his camera as his own means of protest