Stacy Lee Kong

(Illustrations by Melanie Lambrick)

Did the pandemic make post-secondary students more resilient?

More than two thirds of students surveyed told us that they have felt optimistic, productive and equipped to handle their problems during the pandemic. But this isn’t a straightforward story about resilience.
People in Katoomba, Australia, saw these scattered bushfires on the horizon in December 2019 (Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Six Canadian university students on how they’re fighting climate change

University students in Canada are paying more attention to climate change than ever before. It’s their future that’s in limbo, they say, and they want companies and governments—and their own schools—to start listening.
NS students make their own drums, assisted by artist-in-residence Alex Angnaluak (seated)(Courtesy of Courtesy of Nunavut Sivuniksavut)

Inside Nunavut Sivuniksavut, a unique post-secondary option for Inuit youth

Students at Nunavut Sivuniksavut, an accredited college program, take courses in Inuit history, Inuit-government relations, Inuktut and more. It’s an immersive education—and a community.
Illustration by Sam Island

Going to college? The best advice for new students

Here’s a crash course in choosing from 10,000 college programs, staying on top of your work, finding financial support, getting help when you need it—and having fun and making friends
Melanie McCann (Photograph by Kate Peters)

How to slay your MBA like an Olympian

Three elite athletes on the transferable skills that help them find success in their MBA programs
(Illustration by Jarett Sitter)

Why movement is critical to learning

The way instruction is delivered in post-secondary institutions doesn’t always take into account the brain-body connection. In fact, it can reduce students to ’brains on sticks.’
Jay Manera (Courtesy of Jay Manera)

Canadian university students share their thoughts on romance in 2020

Turns out COVID-19 isn’t as much of a hindrance to university dating as insecurities, school and time are
Taylor Barlett (Photograph by Ebti Nabag)

Heading to the library—in your bedroom: How students are studying from home

How Canadian college students plan to hunker down and focus with their home-study set-ups
Carson (right) and her mother, Kirsten Korchinsky, outside their Calgary home(Photograph by Leah Hennel)

University students remain closely tied to their parents—emotionally and otherwise

Forty-four per cent of students surveyed said their relationship with a parent was the most important one in their lives. Stacy Lee Kong explores why that is and what’s changed over the decades.
Byrne (left) measures bull kelp near Campbell River, B.C., with NIC graduate Sally Enns (Photograph by Melissa Renwick)

Why colleges in Canada are ’hard-wired’ to the communities that surround them

Colleges, which are in Canada’s biggest cities and smallest towns, work closely with local industry and community groups when designing their programs and research projects