Zoe McKnight

Zoe McKnight is a journalist at Maclean's. Elsewhere she has written about unpaid interns, rogue geoengineering experiments and jogging with LeBron James. She lives in Toronto.
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Canada’s coolest PM. (It’s not Justin Trudeau.)

Why Kim Campbell has emerged, decades after her brief stint as prime minister, as a key political voice among young Canadians


Davis Guggenheim: Malala, her father, and a revealing new film

The director of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ on his latest film, about an ordinary girl who has made extraordinary choices


What university was like for these 25 year olds

They were born in 1991, the first year our university rankings came out. Most have degrees by now. Here are the lessons they’ve learned.

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What’s a ‘Bulldog’ edition, anyway?

Maclean’s is producing free, exclusive election coverage, released every morning. Here’s why we’re calling it our Bulldog edition.


The outlier to declining crime stats? The elderly.

Crime may be down among the young. But charges laid against Canadians in the 55-to-64 and 65-to-89 age groups is rising.


The real reason crime is falling so fast

How social media obsession, smartphone addiction, and even violent video games are, surprisingly, making us safer


Cover preview: Are our phones helping reduce crime?

How social media and our smartphones are making the world a safer place. A sneak peek at the big read in our newest issue


Hyeonseo Lee: Escape, exile and why she misses North Korea

A high-profile North Korean defector’s surprising revelations about life in the Hermit Kingdom


Photo essay: Running with the caribou herds

Peter Mather travels hundreds of kilometres every year to photograph the migrating Porcupine caribou


Newsmaker: Tony Abbott, Australia’s control freak

Why Stephen Harper has nothing on Australia’s prime minister, who has demanded no front-bencher venture onto a popular interview show


How haven’t they caught the New York fugitives? A manhunt expert explains.

More than two weeks into the manhunt, tracking experts explain how the convicted killers could have evaded authorities for so long


CBC host Evan Solomon scandal ‘mystifying’: journalism ethics expert

Evan Solomon says his art business wasn’t a conflict with his journalism. But that ‘double-dipping’ was a clear violation, say experts