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“I was almost arrested for my activism in Hong Kong. I fled to Vancouver for refuge.”

I can see a life for myself here, but I still miss the city where I grew up
MyArrival_November_FINAL copy

I always felt uncertain about my future in the U.K. I finally found my home in Calgary.

After moving to three continents, I settled down in Alberta
Photograph of three soldiers from Queen's Own Rifles during World War II in Amersfoort, Netherlands. (Courtesy of Irene Martin)

My uncle was affable, charming and well-read. But the losses at Normandy tormented him.

’For years, he kept records of platoon members he knew had survived the war. When the new phone book came out, he would check to see if they were still alive. But he never contacted them.’

A vibrant biography of explorer Radisson wins final RBC Taylor prize

Mark Bourrie’s chronicling of Pierre-Esprit Radisson includes cannibalism, a Caribbean shipwreck and the creation of the Hudson’s Bay Company

Here is 100 plus years of Maclean’s—free

We’ve digitized thousands of issues containing more than 100,000 stories from Canada’s greatest writers and journalists. Everything from 1905 to 2008 is free to read.
Naomi Klein spoke in front of an estimated 3,000 people in front of Toronto Police Headquarters who

‘One way or another, we are in for big changes’

Naomi Klein, the activist author, turns her attention to climate change
craniopagus twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan

’God made it so they would never have to be alone’

Krista and Tatiana Hogan are conjoined twins who have defied expectations
Brielle Brunet

‘We’re not ready, this is not part of the plan’

Brielle Brunet was born during the Fort Mac evacuation
Richelle Shiner, 2015. (Photograph by Sara Taylor)


Richelle Shiner has been called the luckiest baby in the world
Aanikh Kler

’We’re taught to cover up our imperfections’

Aanikh Kler developed a ringtone for youth to help other youth