Canadian university admission deadlines 2018-2019

With deadlines looming, this chart will help students keep track of application due dates across the country

Students on campus at UBC. (Martin Dee/UBC)

Planning where to go after high school is an exciting process. The college or university program you choose sets the stage for the rest of your adult life. “You want to have a really good learning experience so you have the skills to go on to professional school or to use in your life,” says Robert Astroff of Toronto-based Astroff Consultants, which helps students navigate and prepare for university applications.

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When it comes to preparing, it’s worth remembering that when schools select the new students that “fit” with their programs, it’s about more than simply letting in the top students who apply. Applications aren’t a math exam that you either pass or fail—they’re a process aimed at selecting students who will excel in a particular environment. “University admissions is not a test and it’s not a trick,” says Andrew Arida, director of undergraduate admissions at UBC. And it’s absolutely essential that you be honest with yourself. “Doing well in school is important, and learning outside the classroom is important. If you say to yourself, ‘What is university X looking for?’ ask yourself what makes a good student. If you answer the second question, you’ll be answering the first.”

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PLEASE NOTE: This chart is for informational purposes only. If you are applying to a specific school, always check that school’s website for the most exact and up-to-date deadlines. Maclean’s intends to expand the information available on this chart over time. Universities can contact editor James Cowan at: [email protected].

School Entrance Scholarships In-Province Secondary Students International Applicants Other Applicants
Acadia 1-Mar rolling rolling rolling
Alberta 12-Dec 1-Mar 1-Mar 1-Mar
Bishop's 1-Mar 1-Apr 1-Apr 1-May
Brandon 1-Mar 15-Aug 1-Apr 15-Aug
Brock 1-Jun 1-Apr 1-Aug
Calgary 1-Mar 1-Mar 1-Mar 1-Mar
Cape Breton 4-Mar 1-Aug 1-Aug 1-Aug
Carleton 15-Jun 16-Jan 1-Apr 1-Jun
Concordia 1-Mar 1-Feb 1-Mar
Dalhousie 1-Mar 1-Jun 1-Apr 1-Jun
Guelph 25-Jan 16-Jan 15-Feb 1-Mar
Lakehead 1-Feb 16-Jan 1-Mar 1-Mar
Laurentian 31-Mar 16-Jan 1-Feb 1-Feb
Laval 1-Mar 1-Mar 15-Aug
Lethbridge 15-Mar 30-Jun 15-May 30-Jun
Manitoba 1-Mar 1-Aug 7-Jul 7-Jul
McGill varies depending on type of applicant 1-Mar 15-Jan 1-Feb
McMaster 1-Feb 1-Feb 1-Feb 1-Feb
Memorial 1-Mar 1-Mar 1-Jun 1-Mar
Moncton 28-Feb 1-Aug 15-Jun 1-Aug
Montreal 1-Mar 1-Feb 1-Feb
Mount Allison 1-Mar rolling rolling rolling
Mount Saint Vincent 1-Mar 9-Aug 21-Jun 9-Aug
New Brunswick 1-Mar 31-Mar 31-Mar 31-Mar
Nipissing 1-May 16-Jan 1-Apr 1-Apr
Ottawa 1-Jun 1-Apr 1-Jun
Queen's 1-Dec 1-Feb 1-Feb 1-Feb
Regina 15-Mar 15-Mar 1-Mar 15-Mar
Ryerson 1-Feb 1-Feb 1-Feb
Saint Mary's 1-Mar rolling rolling rolling
Saskatchewan 1-Dec 1-May 1-May 1-May
Sherbrooke 1-Mar 15-Jan 1-Mar
Simon Fraser 3-Dec 31-Jan 31-Jan 31-Jan
St Francis Xavier 1-Mar rolling 30-May rolling
St Thomas 1-Mar 31-Aug 1-Jun 31-Aug
Toronto 16-Jan 16-Jan 16-Jan
Trent 16-Jan 1-Jun 15-Feb
UBC 1-Dec 15-Jan 15-Jan 15-Jan
UNBC 1-Mar 1-Mar 1-Mar
UOIT 16-Jan 31-Jan 31-Jan
UPEI 1-Mar rolling rolling rolling
UQAM 1-Mar 1-Mar 1-Mar
Victoria 28-Feb 30-Apr 30-Apr
Waterloo 16-Jan 29-Mar 29-Mar
Western 16-Jan rolling rolling
Wilfrid Laurier 16-Jan 1-Apr 1-Apr
Windsor 16-Jan 1-Mar 1-Aug
Winnipeg 1-Mar 1-Mar 2-Jul
York 16-Jan 6-Mar 6-Mar

Other notes to consider:

  • Deadlines represent dates for a September term start for most undergraduate programs.
  • Many programs (particularly nursing, education, social work) have their own unique deadlines not accounted for by this chart.
  • Different schools define “international” in different ways (at some schools, US applicants are not considered international). Always check each school’s website before applying.
  • Some schools (University of Manitoba, for example) have different deadlines depending on how many university or college credits an applicant has completed. This chart does not account for that distinction.
  • The “Other Applicants” category is a catch-all that accounts for most, but not all, other types of applicants. If you fall under the “other” category, check the individual school’s website to be sure the deadline applies to you.
  •  The “Entrance Scholarship” deadline represents the deadline for most entrance scholarships. If none is listed, there is no separate deadline for entrance scholarships.


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