Students on campus at UBC. (Martin Dee/UBC)

Canadian university admission deadlines 2018-2019

With deadlines looming, this chart will help students keep track of application due dates across the country
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Beyond grades: university entrance essays, tests and portfolios

Many schools now ask for essays, portfolios and quizzes. Here is how to ace them
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How to get a university scholarship: six tips for success

It pays to start looking early and widely for financial support
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Universities and colleges: choosing the right fit in Canada

How do you know if a prestigious school is really the right fit for you? Here are some factors to consider when choosing which post-secondary pathway to follow.
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Getting in to Canadian universities: Why marks are so important

You can be a great person with myriad interests. Marks still matter
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How to prepare for medical, law or other Canadian professional schools

Want to be a doctor? How about a lawyer? Start preparing in high school.
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How to get accepted to a Canadian university: five ways to stand out

Tips on distinguishing your university or college application from a sea of mediocrity
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How to get accepted to a Canadian university: five mistakes to avoid

Want to ace your university or college application? Avoid these silly errors
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Demographics blamed for drop in Ontario university applications

Number of 18-year-olds declining in every province
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On Campus grades six university apps

One school gets an A-grade. Another failed the assignment.