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Students on campus at UBC. (Martin Dee/UBC)

Canadian university admission deadlines 2018-2019

With deadlines looming, this chart will help students keep track of application due dates across the country

Ontario universities: The minimum grades for getting in

With application deadlines looming, here are the marks needed to attend Ontario’s universities
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Beyond grades: university entrance essays, tests and portfolios

Many schools now ask for essays, portfolios and quizzes. Here is how to ace them
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How to get a university scholarship: six tips for success

It pays to start looking early and widely for financial support
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Universities and colleges: choosing the right fit in Canada

How do you know if a prestigious school is really the right fit for you? Here are some factors to consider when choosing which post-secondary pathway to follow.
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Getting in to Canadian universities: Why marks are so important

You can be a great person with myriad interests. Marks still matter
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How to get accepted to a Canadian university: five ways to stand out

Tips on distinguishing your university or college application from a sea of mediocrity
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How to get accepted to a Canadian university: five mistakes to avoid

Want to ace your university or college application? Avoid these silly errors

Why a university application deadline shouldn’t freak out students

Ontario’s university applications centre expects 90,000 applications by tonight’s midnight deadline. But it might not be your last chance to apply for your favourite program
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One student’s experience with a lost university application