High School


Anxiety was always at the root of my achievements. The pandemic made things worse.

’I would ask myself: How successful am I in my classes? At helping my parents? At maintaining my appearance? At honing my hobbies? At being lonely?’

How ’emancipatory sex-ed’ can help prevent rape

It doesn’t fix the underlying problem of rape culture, but a made-in-Canada program is getting good results when it comes to reducing gender-based violence
Teenage girls texting

Has social media become a full-time job for teen girls?

’Missing out for me, specifically, that’s just like the worst thing’

Why a university application deadline shouldn’t freak out students

Ontario’s university applications centre expects 90,000 applications by tonight’s midnight deadline. But it might not be your last chance to apply for your favourite program

Why Ontario shouldn’t ditch high school civics classes

When people don’t understand how government works, it gives rise to the politics of resentment. Why Ontario’s civics course is so important

What did high-school students think of the Maclean’s debate?

We talk a lot about youth engagement. So CIVIX put it to high-school students directly: What did you think of each leader’s performance at #macdebate?
Nico Branham

Read the winner of the 2015 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust student contest

Here’s Nico Branham’s winning entry, ’Outside the Window, a Billion Stars Are Moving Past Me at the Speed of Light’
Brett Gorski at McGill UniversityCredit: Photograph by Will Lew

As teens learn their rights, they’re defending them—and winning

Teen rights used to be, in effect, whatever their parents dictated. But Millennials and Generation Z have pushed back, and the balance of power is shifting

Is high school curiosity a measure of university success?

Two Canadian scholars say a third of high school students are unsuitable for university
McDonalds Holds National Hiring Day To Add 50,000 Employees

Study shows value of summer, after school jobs

Students who work at age 15 do well at age 25