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A university program for… YouTube?

New media program series for aspiring digital filmmakers

YouTube is no longer just a way to procrastinate during exams- it’s now a field of study.

In a partnership with The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and Columbia College Chicago, the YouTube Creator Institute will offer on-campus and online courses, helping students “hone their digital media skills and accelerate their YouTube careers.” Course work will range from cinematography to social media strategy.

According to unofficial sources (yes, I made this part up) here are some of the upper-year courses:

“How to Deal with Trolls 101: Just Ignore Them.”

The course will also explore the alternative: creating dozens of fake accounts to join the comments section and support yourself. Remember, there’s safety in numbers.

“Videotaping Friends on Skateboards.” Eventually you’ll get something really good.

I wonder who the professors are going to be? Veteran YouTubers who have generated millions of hits with montages of adorable cat pictures? Or someone hugely popular, like Ray William Johnson?

Or maybe my 14-year-old brother? Unless he takes that job offer from the Call of Duty: Black Ops Institute.

-Photo courtesy of andresmh

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