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All I want for Christmas

A university student’s wish list

Christmas, Christmas tree, wish list, presents5) Free textbooks

It just seems wrong to pay hundreds of dollars for a bunch of books that you’ll want to throw into a bonfire by the end of the semester. And why is my Organic Chemistry textbook almost a hundred bucks more than my biology textbooks? At the very least, a textbook’s price should be proportional to how much you enjoy the course.

So the Organic Chemistry textbook should not only be free, but also come with a $30 gift certificate for EB Games.

4) A hands-on course that explores the advantages and disadvantages of several tactical approaches to team slayer in Halo Reach.

3) A professor whose policy on classroom attendance is… they have no policy on classroom attendance.

2) 10,000 extra med school spots

It could happen.

1) A take home final exam. With multiple choice questions. And bonus points for spelling your name right.

-Photo courtesy of placid casual

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