On Campus

Exams are over

...but battle scars remain.

Now that Christmas vacation is over, I finally purged all my notes and lab books from last semester.

For classes like physics, the process of a Note Purge is extremely simple: I rip out every page from my binder and notebook, and then I throw them all in the recycling bin. And then I never have to think about terms like “angle of incidence” or “centrifugal force” ever again.

I actually did keep just one or two pages of my physics notes. Not because I’ll need to use them for future courses. I kept them as a sort of battle scar.

After my last exam was finished, I couldn’t even touch my book bag for a couple of days. I was afraid that my organic chemistry textbook would suddenly tumble out and pop open to page 322, and I would accidentally read the definition of “Grignard reagent.” And it wouldn’t be the answer I put on the final exam.

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