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Student who caused Shinerama-gate back in office

Northrup claimed cystic fibrosis only affects “white people, and primarily men”

According to the Ottawa Sun, a group of Carleton University students is trying to get a controversial student politician removed from office. Again.

Last November, Donnie Northrup came under fire when the Carleton University Students Assocation approved his motion to withdraw support from the annual cystic fibrosis fundraiser Shinerama. In the motion, Northrup said the disease only affected “white people, and primarily men,” which isn’t true.

Those five words caused a national uproar. Representatives from the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, along with parents whose white daughters had the disease, spoke out against the motion.

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The council’s decision was ultimately reversed, and Northrup later admitted he was mistaken and resigned his council seat. However, this summer, the group acclaimed him, and two other students, to vacant council seats.

Students say they will launch a petition to have Northrup recalled in September if he isn’t removed before then.

CUSA president Erik Halliwell says council was just following procedure, and that no one on council had objections to the three candidates at the time. He says students who object to their appointments can petition for a recall.

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