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The right side of your brain needs love, too

Hi everyone,

This is my introductory post for Maclean’s OnCampus. As my awesomely creative blog title suggests, I hope to pamper you with campus news about cool extracurricular activities, artsy going-ons, outstanding cultural leaders, culinary wonders, fashion funsies and anything else hip and exciting.

Everyone could use a healthier, more balanced brain. Sure, the school books are important, but so is building social networks and exploring your inner Picasso. Or Jane Austen. Or David Cronenberg

Personally, I like to tap into the creative juices of Lady Gaga.

Just joking. Or am I?

But before you answer that question, a bit about me: I’m currently a Master of Journalism student at the University of British Columbia. I’m also a summer arts and features reporter for the Victoria Times Colonist.

You can find some of my other freelance work here, here, and here.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter: @AmandaAsh. Sometimes I say really great stuff in 140 characters.

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