University of Guelph: student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best campus food, live music venue, and more

The 411

Best place to live:
If you want to have a residence feel off-campus with the addition of being independent, live at Chancellors. If you want a cozy student neighbourhood, Ironwood Road and its intersecting streets are great.
Best place for a nap:
Bullring couches, or in a sixth-floor group study room with the door closed
Best cheap lunch:
Bullring, without a doubt. Everything on the menu is delicious and is usually under $6.50.
Best hangover breakfast:
On campus: LA Pit waffle bar. Off campus: Angel’s Diner, best home fries in town.
Best bar for hanging out:
Bobby O’Brien’s. Great drinks and 19-cent wings on Thursdays.
Best food on campus:
Creelman Hall has been ranked the best university food in the country for over a decade, no matter what item you get, from quesadillas to Mongolian stir fry
Best place to study:
Group study rooms at the library on the sixth floor
Weirdest tradition:
Braving the freezing cold to paint the cannon every night
Best campus event:
Aggie Pub, but if you’re not into country music or partying midweek, there are always pop-up sales in the University Centre that are my absolute favourite events
Best giveaway:
Anything and everything you can get your hands on during O-Week
The thing that surprised me most about the school:
Everyone has such a warm and welcoming attitude to their fellow Gryphons, no matter how stressful school is

PROFILE: University of Guelph | Guelph, Ont. | Founded 1964

For the past 55 years, the student population in Guelph has grown steadily. Now, with nearly 30,000 students, the University of Guelph has expanded beyond its three founding colleges to become the place to be for a range of disciplines. It’s now sometimes difficult to find a spot in the library.

What attracts many students each year is the food. No matter where you’re set up on campus, you’re guaranteed to have great food and coffee nearby. North campus is proud to be the home of the recently renovated Creelman Hall, a century-old dining hall. You can find almost any food on campus, from year-round campus staple Bob’s Dogs, to the necessary Starbucks at the library to the LA Pit omelette bar.

The newly renovated 170,000 sq.-foot W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre is the hub for all students. Whether you’re a beginner, a committed fitness enthusiast or a varsity athlete, there are plenty of ways to get in a workout. Just aim to go in the early afternoon, or you’ll be stuck with the other gym rats, waiting for a turn for each machine.

Campus is quite open, with wide paths and gorgeous buildings to the left and right. Johnston Hall residence appears on every Guelph postcard, but the Albert A. Thornbrough Building and McLaughlin Library both add to the university’s architectural beauty.

I find myself saying I have a new favourite professor every semester. No matter the course, you’re almost guaranteed an approachable prof who is ready to field questions and crack jokes during lectures.

After Class
The most exciting time of the year for any school is homecoming—at Guelph, we get it twice. On top of the homecoming football game, there is Frosty Mug in January. It’s an annual hockey battle between Laurier and Guelph. No matter the result, Guelph fans go insane.
One thing I recommend is volunteering for the Ontarion. You’ll meet some amazing people, improve your writing skills and get your original work published in the newspaper.

Local Vibe
Guelph’s reputation for great food extends outside school grounds. Some Guelph highlights are Earth to Table: Bread Bar, a carb lover’s dream, and Borealis Grille & Bar, which is “obsessively local.” Additionally, Guelphites are the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever met. They’re always willing to give directions or strike up a conversation. One never feels out of place in this city.

More Info is every Guelph student’s go-to for buying and selling used course materials, finding ride shares, and searching for off-campus housing.

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