Jerry and Bill, connecting with the people

The first Seinfeld-Gates Microsoft ad didn’t go over very well (see Steve Maich’s column from the current issue of Maclean’s). Gates was criticized for his bad acting. But worse than that, the ad didn’t try to sell anything. In true Jerry Seinfeld form, it was an ad about nothing. Well, the latest installment is more of the same. Gates is even stiffer (literally, he does “the robot’ at the end) and there’s still no mention of Vista or any other Microsoft products. But I’m sticking with my first review. This is a terrific pretty good ad. It’s funny. It’s entertaining. And I don’t care what it is (or isn’t) selling. It makes me feel good about Microsoft. And for a guy who swore off Windows five years ago in favour of a Mac, that says a lot.