Loneliness is just as unhealthy as smoking

Loneliness can hurt like hell. A new book by researchers at the University of Chicago says that loneliness, like pain, is an important signaller to people about the danger they’re in. They found that loneliness is just as bad for your health as smoking, obesity or high blood pressure. 

If you think you’re safe from loneliness because you have lots of friends, guess again. Surprisingly, the number of intimate contacts a person has in their life does not determine their likeliness to feel lonely; it’s more about how positive their relationships with others are. 

And if you’re feeling lonely today, the research suggests you’re likely to feel even more lonely in a year. The best way to overcome that awful feeling is to start volunteering as a way of socializing with others in a positive realm.

Have a look of this video. The lead researcher explains.