Michelle Obama in 2012?


Did we just witness the advent of the next great U.S. politician?

For those who missed it, Michelle Obama’s address at the Democratic Convention in Denver last night was pretty spectacular. 

For weeks, observers have been complaining about her inability to convey sufficient warmth or, as one CBC commentator called it this evening, to generate the requisite “warm-and-fuzzies.” (Isn’t that what White House pets and Christmas decorations are for?)  But last night, she nailed all of the key First Lady criteria: affability, sincerity, accessibility, shiny hair. Her critics will have their work cut out for them in identifying traces of anti-Americanism and elitism in this speech—the core of which outlined the key elements of her “improbable” (her words) personal journey, as well as her husband’s. Barack Obama has one hell of a teammate. Now they just have to sustain the optimism. It’s a long way down.

The full text of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech is available here on The Huffington Post