Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney for president

Simpsons character Montgomery Burns’ endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may just edge out Joss Whedon and Clint Eastwood to take top spot for the most bizarre celebrity endorsement of the presidential campaign.

In a special message from the Springfield Republican Party, a Youtube video released Thursday shows Mr. Burns sitting alongside some binders full of women in his parlour.

The only thing that can prevent a presidency that is the “God-given property of the Republican Party,” says Mr. Burns, is Romney’s family dog, Seamus, which the Republican candidate infamously strapped to the roof of his car during a family vacation.

Mr. Burns brings out Seamus for some intense questioning before he is forced to choose between “Meat Romney” and “Broccoli Obama.”

Well, the choice is obvious, isn’t it? Maybe not.

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