Oh, how the mighty (sic) have fallen

The uninvited redecoration of Pierre Trudeau’s mausoleum over the weekend was telling in more ways than one. As Wells alludes, the misspelling of the word ‘traître’ speaks more to the state of Quebec’s education system than to the spectre of a resurgent FLQ. Whoever did this wanted to make the ultimate political statement, yet they couldn’t even spray paint the word ‘traitor’ properly. Wow.

Speaking of, it seems former felquiste Jacques Lanctôt’s return to the mainstream has hit a bit of a snag. According to a Journal de Montréal staffer I spoke with, the terrorist-cum-coffee-shop-owner-cum-book-publisher-cum-newspaper-columnist recently had his column killed in the Montreal tabloid. The reason? “No one liked it,” the fellow said.

Apparently, Lanctôt continues to post on, the Quebecor-owned web portal. So if you are looking for fuzzy, long-winded bromides about the wonders of Fidel Castro, you know where to look. Oddly enough, Trudeau might have concurred.

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