Poll Dance: ADQ and immigration edition

That Léger Marketing poll (PDF) I briefly mentioned in an earlier post might shed some light on Martin’s post about the ADQ’s, um, sophisticated approach to immigration issues. The Léger folks happened to have asked a couple questions about immigration. Let’s just say Mario Dumont and the troops seem to like their grandparents’ Quebec a lot more than they do the contemporary one:

  • 64% of ADQ supporters think Quebec can’t accomodate any more immigrants than it currently does (compared to 52% of PQ supporters and 48% of Liberal supporters)
  • 60% of ADQ supporters believe the arrival of a large number of immigrants is a threat to the French language (PQ: 48%, Liberals: 33%)

Some other interesting numbers from Léger:

  • 59% of federalists think Quebec will one day separate (compared to 31% of sovereignists)
  • 31% of ADQ supporters think the PQ is the most effective opposition party
  • 8% of PQ supporters would vote for Stéphane Dion in a federal election
  • 2% of Quebecers believe Guy Rainville (who?) would make the best premier

[Thanks to Flickr user sara_lawoie for the picture]

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