Maxime Bernier; Renata Ford

Behind the PPC’s ’legitimate chance’ at winning two seats

How did Maxime Bernier get into the commission debates? Believe it or not, it all starts with Brad Trost.
Trudeau Plastics 20190625

A plastics ban? Whose bright idea was that?

Reports commissioned by the Privy Council Office offer a glimpse into the role polling plays in government agenda-setting

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll: NDP and PCs in dead heat

Paul Wells: Polling mostly conducted before Kathleen Wynne’s surprise Saturday announcement shows the Conservatives and NDP are tied, with Liberals a distant third.

The polls show a deadlocked race. But let’s dig deeper.

Evan Solomon and David Coletto, the CEO of Abacus Data, discuss how regional breakdowns may tell a truer tale of the campaign
Christy Clark

Angus Reid: What went wrong with the polls in British Columbia?

The veteran pollster reviews the lessons of the BC election
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The Liberals take the lead for the first time in four years
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Checking in

The Conservative lead persists