They're traitors here, too



“Traitors.” “Whores.” “Sellouts.” No, these aren’t the words of those charming scamps from out west, here and here, and they aren’t directed at those the poncy Liberal-NDP elitists who dare usurp the Conservative’s power. Rather, these are the sentiments of several ardent nationalists, who are infuriated at the Bloc Québécois for supporting our seemingly inevitable (but wait!) coalition government. It seems the irony of having the BQ as a de facto member of the government is as much of a problem for sovereignists as it is for another living west of Ontario and east of Vancouver.

“The Bloquistes are whores and traitors,” opined ‘Christian Lagevin’ on Le Québécois’ forum, in a thread entitled ‘The Treason of the Bloc Québécois’. “There’s nothing else to say. It’s so obvious. [The Bloc] has indirectly allied itself with two of the most anti-Quebec nationalist parties in Canada, neither of which unnderstands Quebec’s interests.”

“The neo-federalists are very happy with this pan-Canadian coalition with an ex-sovereignist party,” writes ‘Genesis’. “It’s not the Bloc’s job to help Canada to work, but to destroy it,” notes ‘Bourgault’. “I don’t see how the Bloc’s support of Dion and Layton advances the cause [of Quebec independence],” adds ‘Pierre Schneider’.

“Wow, the Bloc wants to make Canada better with the Liberals,” laments ‘Arminius’ on the Cowboys Fringnant’s forum.

As is often the case with Quebec separatists, though, there was much dissension in the ranks. As these discussions ‘progressed’ (and I used the term lightly) participants broke into two camps, one made up of the aforementioned coalition-haters and another of those who believe the Bloc will sew panic, fear and hatred in the hearts of Canadians and actually help sovereignty’s cause.

“The Bloc has the government by the balls,” writes Frederic Picard. “It will be able to do whatever it wants to the government for two years. Dion will be at Duceppe’s mercy. Some people call this treason. Me, I call this a show of force, putting the feds on their knees.”

And then they called each other nasty names. Sounds much like the sniping going on at a certain Western Canada blog, yes? You see? We are all the same.

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