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Corey Mintz eats the entire Tim Hortons menu

Food columnist Corey Mintz tries everything on the Tim Hortons menu. Find out what he likes, what he hates and what he’d order again.

In “How Tim Hortons lost its way,” a column by Maclean’s food writer Corey Mintz, he discusses the fallacy of Tim Hortons as a true Canadian brand (it’s currently owned by Brazilian-American food conglomerate Restaurant Brands International, which also owns Popeye’s and Burger King). Mintz also discusses Tim Hortons’ new Innovation Cafe in his piece, the supposed up-market, experimental version of Tim Hortons that looks to appeal to millennials and mimic Starbucks.

But what about the Tim’s classics?

We put Mintz in a room and had him try everything on the menu. Here’s what he thought, what he hated and what he’d have again.