Canada’s best professional schools 2010

EXCLUSIVE RANKINGS. Plus: where to go, how to get in, the hottest programs, and the biggest pitfalls

McGill Campus - Photograph by Roger Lemoyne

Coast to coast, getting into professional schools has never been more competitive than it is this year


From building bridges to running Bay Street
Technical geeks? Hardly. Today’s new breed of financial engineers take the lead as global innovators.

If you build it . . .
Robots, stem cells and green scenes: what engineers are making now

Aim for 80-plus
Average final-year high school grades of first-year undergrads starting engineering school in fall 2009

Engineering’s hot fields
Across 13 disciplines, mechanical, electrical and civil continue to be the top draws, but other fields have grown significantly over the past four years. Environmental and software numbers are up by roughly half, while mining or mineral enrolment has nearly tripled.

Sizing up engineering enrolment across the country
The number of female Undergraduate enrolment at Canadian engineering schools remains low


Want degree, will travel
‘Think of the passion that comes from people willing to go halfway around the world to study’

No science? No worries
Getting a C in chemistry may not be a barrier to that white coat, as med schools reassess their admissions

How many get in
2009 figures show enrolment continues to increase with women outnumbering men at most institutions

How much they pay for it
Medical school first-year tuition for academic year 2010-2011

Applications high, success rates low: the stats tell the story
The medical college admission test (MCAT) is a standardized test required for admission at many faculties


Northern exposure
‘The fact that the Canadian economy gets a lot of attention can only be good for Canadian business schools’

These doctors mean business
Fuelled by late-blooming entrepreneurs, business schools see doctoral enrolment double

McGill and Quebec Play chicken
A tuition hike is opposed by the province; so far neither side has blinked

Coffee, donut and an M.B.A
Slated to start in January 2011, a new morning M.B.A. class will run three mornings a week at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary

RANKINGS: How do Canada’s business schools stack up internationally?
Canadian schools didn’t crack the top 20 in either of the Financial Times’ rankings, but York (Schulich) placed first on the alternative Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey

Canada’s M.B.A. programs: a variety of options at 35 institutions
The traditional M.B.A.—two years, full-time—is no longer the only way to go, with many schools offering part-time studies

Canada’s E.M.B.A. Programs: for the working professional
Executive M.B.A. programs normally allow their participants to remain at their jobs, pursuing the degree part-time

RANKINGS: Financial Times Executive M.B.A. ranking 2009
The FT’s E.M.B.A. evaluation looks at a variety of performance measures for each school


Ranking Canada’s law schools
How do faculty measure up? How do grads fare? Maclean’s fourth annual survey reveals all

Last year, maybe. This year, no way.
Getting in has never been easy. But now, it’s nearly impossible.

The letter of the Law
J.D. vs. LL.B degree

RANKINGS: Toronto and McGill law schools top the list
How successful are grads in landing top jobs? How often is faculty members’ work recognized by other academics?

Law School: what will it cost?
2010 tuition figures for first-year students

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