ATM skimming, and a different kind of high

Coast to coast

British Columbia: Two Korean foreign exchange students were attacked at a bus stop in North Vancouver by three youths. One victim required seven stitches and 18 staples to close a head wound after being struck in the skull with a machete. Two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old have been charged with aggravated assault.

Alberta: Police are searching for two men who committed armed robbery at a Calgary drugstore. The thieves were demanding OxyContin, though when told by the pharmacist the painkiller wasn’t stocked at that particular location, the men settled for erectile dysfunction drugs instead.

Manitoba: A Swan River man facing 47 counts of animal abuse was arrested after showing up at an auction where his family and friends were bidding on some of the horses he is alleged to have mistreated. The RCMP escorted the man from the auction and have charged him with breaching a court order. In December, 15 horses, 27 dogs and two donkeys were seized from his farm. Police allege that at the time of the seizure, some of the dogs had rotted flesh around their necks from chain collars, and that piles of animal feces reached one metre high.

Ontario: Five men face 150 charges involving ATM frauds totalling $280,000 in the Toronto area. Police allege the men used a covert camera and a “skimming device” to obtain card numbers and passwords. Fake cards were then made to access further funds. The charges include identity theft, making a credit card forgery device and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Nova Scotia: A Halifax man who had just been released from prison—where he served time for drunk driving causing death—has been charged with driving while disqualified, six weapons offences and breaching probation. Police allege he was behind the wheel of a car in a parking lot, where they found brass knuckles, pepper spray and a knife.

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