Quebec and Alberta: best buds?

Contrary to popular belief, most Quebecers don’t hate Albertans

Atlantic Canada: Only 10 per cent of people from Eastern Canada are airing their political opinions online during the current campaign, compared to 18 per cent across Canada. But when they do log on to voice their opinions, they’re the most likely of any Canadians to do so every day.

Quebec: Contrary to popular belief, most Quebecers don’t hate Albertans. Sixty-one per cent said they have a positive view of Alberta, and—even more surprising—71 per cent said the western province should continue to develop its oil sands, provided it does everything possible to limit any environmental impact.

Ontario: While the disaster in Japan shook many Canadians of their confidence in nuclear energy, just 41 per cent in Ontario—the lowest rate of any province—said the disaster worsened their view of nuclear power (the national average is 49 per cent). And 30 per cent of Ontarians continue to support building new nuclear power plants (just 12 per cent in Quebec feel the same way).

Alberta: Not only do 71 per cent of Albertans play an instrument, 50 per cent—more than any other province—say it’s one of their favourite hobbies. Eighty per cent believe a musical education is as important as learning a second language. Among those surveyed, the piano (31 per cent), flute (18 per cent) and guitar (15 per cent) were the top three instruments learned growing up.

British Columbia: A project to expand a downtown Vancouver casino into the biggest complex of its kind in Western Canada has Vancouverites sharply split. While 48 per cent of residents support the plan, 46 per cent are opposed. And though 64 per cent think the $500-million hotel and casino is an economic opportunity for the city, 67 per cent feel the casino, with 1,500 slot machines and 150 tables, would bring with it some significant social costs.