The Maclean’s First World War Cover Registry

Many readers have asked for help finding a particular cover—or the family of a soldier. We’ll try to help.

Each edition of the Maclean’s First World War Centennial Issue featured the name of one of the 66,349 servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives. Since publication, many Canadians have contacted us, seeking more information about a particular individual. In some instances, they want to connect with the living relatives of the man or woman featured on their cover. In others, they’d like to know where a particular cover ended up. In an attempt to facilitate connections, Maclean’s has created a registry for the covers. We will not share your contact information without permission but we will do our best to support our readers’ attempts to connect with the past.

If you have a copy and want more information, or are seeking a particular edition, please complete the form below. Before completing the form, it’s worth searching our online database for helpful details such as an individual’s regimental number.

And please remember that customized editions can be obtained by visiting

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