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Atlantic Canada: Maritimers and Newfoundlanders go to work prepared to get the most out of sunny days: 18 per cent say they keep summer clothes or flip-flops at the office so they can take advantage of good weather at lunch or after work. Just 13 per cent of Canadians overall say they head to work prepared.

Quebec: Many Canadians (38 per cent) donated to Haitian relief efforts, but Quebecers are the most skeptical about how much money will trickle down to those in need. Just 30 per cent agree that “all” or “most” of the money will reach the people, compared to 64 per cent of Atlantic Canadians.

Ontario: Canada’s largest province is the most anti-gun: 57 per cent say a complete handgun ban is justified and only 36 per cent disagree. (The numbers are flipped in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.) Also in Ontario, only 35 per cent agree that it should be legal for ordinary citizens to own firearms, compared to 65 per cent in the Prairies.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan: The Prairies are more bullish on the economy than the rest of Canadians. A whopping 88 per cent say economic conditions in Canada today are good; only 11 per cent say things are bad. Almost everywhere else in the country, people are nearly evenly split, with the exception of Alberta, where optimists also win, with 61 per cent saying the economy is in good shape.

Alberta: Albertans are the least likely to agree that because Canada is a rich country, it has a responsibility to help poorer nations. Only 51 per cent agree, compared to 60 per cent or more in all other provinces.

British Columbia: The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) was sold as a way to make businesses more competitive. But retail businesses may be hurting thanks to the tax: 71 per cent of British Columbians say they’re buying less than they were before July 1.

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