Manitoba’s choice

Taxing high earners wouldn’t have filled provincial coffers, writes Kevin Milligan


Down with taxes, up with inequality

Stephen Gordon troubleshoots a proposal—championed by the New Democrats and Conservatives in Ontario, but also the federal NDP—to cut the sales tax on home heating bills.


Not going there

Paul Dewar announced his jobs agenda yesterday.


Raise taxes to reduce inequality

Mike Moffatt argues we aren’t prepared to do what’s necessary to reduce inequality.


Ottawa to pay Quebec $2.2 billion for HST

Agreement compensates province for two-decade old tax harmonization

A state of perfect disharmony

COYNE: You’d think provinces would not have to be bribed to act in their own interest


In praise of VAT

Stephen Gordon tries to reconcile progressives with sales taxes.

Good news

Good news, bad news: August 25-31, 2011

Plans to build a 4,300-km pipeline between the Alberta oil sands and refineries in Texas will have “no significant” environmental impact, according to a U.S. State Department report.


This is the week that was

The race for NDP leader began here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Gary Doer, Brian Masse, Joe Comartin, Ryan Cleary, Wayne Marston, Peter Stoffer and Chris Charlton are out. Brian Topp, Megan Leslie, Libby Davies, Paul Dewar, Charlie Angus, Peter Julian, Francoise Boivin, Nathan Cullen and Romeo Saganash might be in. Pat Martin will enter the race if no one else will champion the idea of a merger with the Liberals. Thomas Mulcair might get in if the timetable is to his liking.


The demise of the HST (IV)

Scott Brison points to the Harper government.


The demise of the HST (III)

With the change now rejected by voters, the Harper government expects British Columbia to return the $1.6-billion in transition funding. The NDP thinks that would be unfair.


The demise of the HST (II)

Frances Woolley considers the merits of stealth taxation.