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Heartbleed Bug fears mount, 40 Lac-Megantic victims IDed, 2 stabbings, Trevor Linden and Prince George

Isaac Brekken/AP Photo

Isaac Brekken/AP Photo

CRA shuts down its website as fears over Heartbleed Bug mount. With just weeks to go before the tax deadline, the Canada Revenue Agency has shut down its online filing services over a security concern dubbed the “Heartbleed Bug.” The Heartbleed Bug is actually a newly recognized vulnerability in OpenSSL, a common software many sites use to help protect password data. It has the capability to affect systems worldwide and the CRA shutdown was a preventative measure, the agency said on its website Wednesday afternoon. The CRA’s vulnerability is expected to be fixed by the weekend. However the security vulnerability goes well beyond just the CRA, and it’s a good idea to change all passwords on important sites now. Also, keep an eye on your financial statements for the next couple days, just in case.

Coroner closes the Lac-Megantic file. After identifying the 40th victim of the horrific train derailment and explosion in Lac-Megantic, Que., the coroner has admitted that seven people cannot be identified. Though a team of forensic anthropologists has been working for nine months to identify remains, the high temperatures in the blast and resulting fire make complete identification impossible, a spokesperson for the coroner said Wednesday. Those still classified as missing are: Jacques Giroux, 65, Denise Dubois, 57, Marie-France Boulet, 62, Richard Veilleux, 63, Louisette Poirier, 76, Willfried Ratsch, 77 and Bianka Charest Bégnoche, 9.

Teen injures 20 in stabbing spree at high school near Pittsburgh. A 16-year-old student armed with two kitchen knives ran from classroom to classroom at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa., stabbing 19 students and one security guard before he could be subdued by the principal and a police officer. The name of the teen, who began his rampage shortly after classes started in the morning, has not been released. Though many of the injuries sustained were superficial cuts, at least two victims remained in hospital in critical condition as of Wednesday afternoon. In an unrelated incident, a man entered the Toronto office building where he used to work and stabbed four people Wednesday morning. The man, 45, was arrested at the scene. Two of his victims were described as being in “very serious condition.”

Trevor Linden is the new Canucks president. A day after Canucks GM and president Mike Gillis was shown the door, former Canucks captain Linden took over the post as president. Linden, who retired from the NHL as a player just six years ago, has a tough task ahead of him as he rebuilds a team that failed to qualify for the playoffs this year. “I believe I’m ready for this challenge,” said Linden, 42, at a press conference. While, by the end, Gillis wasn’t popular with fans, the Linden move has Canucks fans cheering.

Prince George proves he is a baby. And perhaps he’s the only nine-month-old in the world who makes headlines for playing with other babies. Baby George helped his parents, William and Kate, kick off their New Zealand tour at a carefully staged baby play date. Tomorrow, the royal couple will continue the 10-day tour with a wreath laying at a war memorial in Blenheim, Marlborough. No word on whether Prince George will attend.

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